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The Experience . The Drive . The Passion

Jegs High Performance

Cody worked at his family business JEGS for 7 years working his way through all the different departments, and then eventually working with his dad , President John Coughlin, in the executive branch. During Cody’s tenure at JEGS he helped drive massive amounts of top and bottom line growth every year. But eventually had the desire to become an entrepreneur.


Intricacy Timepieces

Cody has always had a passion for 2 things: luxury timepieces and charity. He developed an affordable luxury watch company that supports mental health disorders in children. Cody has always had a passion for assisting the research of mental health disorders. Specifically children struggling with mental health issues such as Depression, OCD, and Anxiety.

Cody partnered with a leading charity for children’s mental health, the Child Mind Institute.

The watches of Intricacy have a unique but timeless design that has been loved from day one. Through Intricacy's success, Cody has been able to give tens of thousands of dollars to the research and aid of mental health disorders in children.


Cafe Naturals

Cody also has a passion for natural holistic health. He started a natural wellness retail business to assist in the overwhelming reliance of pharmaceutical drugs . Cody saw great relief in his grandfathers chronic back pain when he used creams and balls derived from natural ingredients, and so then wanted to offer that type of help to his community. He launched a string of retail stores that became very popular and has since exited from that business with a healthy profit.

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